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Can multiple users edit an app in Power Apps?

When I first started developing in Power Apps the need to work with others on applications was non-existent. Now as I join other companies to assist with their Power Apps projects we continuously struggle with the inability to work on a Power App simultaneously.

Here's an example. I have opened my Leave Request App and modifying the content of the Data Table with the user Alex Wilber.

On another computer I log into the portal and open Power Apps with a different user, Megan Bowen. As soon as Megan attempts to open the Leave Request Canvas App she is prompted with a message stating 'Canvas is locked for editing'. At this point Megan cannot edit the App until Alex has logged out.

It is important to note this does not stop users from running the published Leave Request App while Alex is editing the canvas. So how do companies with large development teams work simultaneously together on projects? The answer is not to create one large application that does everything. This is a big mistake. My advise is to break the project down into smaller components and then create a application for these components. Each component should all work and interact together forming to the end user one large application. This method allows developers to work on component application simultaneously and debugging a problem becomes exponentially easier as it can be located in one of the smaller applications.

Q&A Q. Can Multiple Users open an app in Power Apps simultaneously? A. Yes, In Power Apps, the app can be opened and used at the same time by any user with whom you have shared the application.

Q. Can Multiple Users edit an app in Power Apps simultaneously? A. No, In Power Apps, only one user can edit the same app at the same time, Also, if the same user has tried to edit the same app that already opened before in another session, The Power Apps will show a warning message to close the other sessions or override.

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