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What is the Power Platform?

Historically data analysis and app creation would be an expensive time consuming project achieved by development teams. The Power Platform provides a simple method for users to be able to create, automate or analyse their data in ways which have never been possible. It allows you to harness data and discover the impact solutions can have within business processes.

The Power Platform has five major components: • Power BI – Used to analyse and report data from different data sources • Power Apps – Used to build powerful mobile apps • Power Automate – Used to design automated workflows • Power Virtual Agents – Used to develop flexible chatbots • Dataverse – Used to quickly and securely store and retrieve data. Each component is a specialised data analysis tool. Combine these components together and they form a powerful and dynamic business application platform. The data is connected through data connectors specifically built for the Power Platform and harness the ability to use artificial intelligence (AI) to build logic within sophisticated chat bots. With all Microsoft solutions, the data is housed in Dataverse where data can be accessed across any application.

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