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Tenant / Portal Branding

Microsoft 365 Branding is a simple but very effective way of giving users assurance that they are entering there login credentials into the company Microsoft 365 portal. When logging into the Microsoft Online portal the user is greeted with a Microsoft login prompt where the user will enter in their email address. This Windows is a generic Microsoft 365 login screen that display the Microsoft logo.

Microsoft 365 user login screen. Once the user has entered their email address and pressed the next button the user will be prompted for there password. If the Microsoft tenant is un branded then the password windows looks very similar to the login screen.

Unbranded Microsoft 365 user password screen. One of the major problems with this is that hackers will try and trick users into entering there login details into fake web pages that look identical to the Microsoft login pages. To alleviate this problem administrators can change the look and feel of the password screen to include a companies brand. This can be done by changing the logo or even the back ground of the Microsoft password window. As you can see in the following picture the Microsoft logo has been changed to the Gallagher Computing logo. An educated user can now easily determine that they are actually logging into their company portal.

Branded Microsoft 365 user password screen. For a larger visual effect the background to the password screen can also be changed. A picture of the from of the company office can be used.

Branded Microsoft 365 user password screen with no background change.

Branded Microsoft 365 user password screen with background of company office building. For more information on company branding please visit Microsoft docs

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